Officers, Chairs & Committee Descriptions

Nominations open in October each year


President: “The Sister CEO” … Serves as the Executive Officer of the Association. Oversees all Officers, Chairs & Committees ensuring each is meeting their responsibility, while enhancing the mission, values, sisterhood and FUN of the Association and ADPi.

Vice President: “The “VIP” Sister”…Oversees operational aspects of the Association.  Serves in the President-Elect capacity with the intent to be mentored by and shadow president as a future president candidate. Steps in for President if needed.

Treasurer: “Show us the Money!” Oversees all fiscal matters regarding the Association while supporting fiscal stewardship as a value and mission of the Association. Chairs ways and Means Committee.

Secretary: “The Communications Sister”…Oversees all Association meeting, program/events, marketing, publicity and social communications and correspondence, making our sisterhood aware of times for fun, philanthropy and business!


Membership & Friendship Chair: This Chair extends the friendship of sisterhood to build, maintain, and promote membership in the Association. Develops a comprehensive Membership Committee of sisters to identify, invite and encourage sisters of any ADPi Chapter to join. Engages sisters to participate in the Association. Develops membership campaigns, creates and maintains database of members. Shares the benefits, rewards, and lifetime sisterhood of our Triple Diamond association!

Programs & Events Chair: Plans a yearly calendar of events and program, which may include Annual events, Quarterly social and Meetings. Seats a comprehensive events/program committee to implement events, promotes events, budgets for events/programs. Works closely with President, Secretary and Treasurer to contract, promote and budget. Works with Chapter Program and events chair to develop events and programs with Chapter.

Communications & Marketing Chair: Produces with Secretary communications and publicity to let sisters know about happenings, events, worthy causes, fun times, meetings, and the latest “scoop”. Assists with membership communications, e-mails/newsletters. works with Secretary and Social Media/Digital Media chair, to seat a Communications Committee to fulfill all communications needs such as newsletter, invitations, calendars, event and programs communications, Association PR. Works with the Chapter PR Chair for Chapter/Association/Alumnae publicity.

Social Media/Digital Media Chair: Our “social media sister” helps to communicate to members digitally via online, updates digital communications such as website, posts social media, creates online dues and event payments, and enhances online technologies for Association. Works closely with Secretary, Communications/Marketing Chair and Treasurer.

Philanthropy Chair: Philanthropy Chair develops the Association’s philanthropy activities/events to include Ronald McDonald House Charities and other community services events, such as the RMDH Toy Drive, Annual Sock Drive, and other activities that support ADPI’s philanthropy and community service. Works with Collegiate Chapter Philanthropy Chair and Collegiate Chapter Philanthropy Advisor to develop philanthropy that support both Chapter and the Association. Creates FUN and FUNDRAISING in philanthropy!

Chapter Relations Chair: Chapter Relations Chair helps to plan and promote activities between Alumnae and our Deltas to foster sisterhood fun, connections and ceremonies between Alumnae and the Chapter. Works with the Collegiate Chapter Advisor and Chapter Alumnae Chair to coordinate activities such as Semester Welcome Back, Open Houses, Jewel Ceremony. Relates Chapter needs through Chapter Advisor to Association.

Alumnae Relations Chair: The Alumnae Chair helps to foster relationships with and between Alumnae groups, increases participation by contacting Alumnae, creates an Alumnae Volunteer Team to support Association & the Collegiate Chapters, as well as supports Collegiate Recruitment needs with alumnae who oversee Potential Member Profiles in their area!

Panhellenic Delegate: Our Panhellenic Sister serves as a Delegate, representing the alumnae association at the local Alumnae Panhellenic Association meetings, and is the official voting delegate. Keeps the Association current on all Panhellenic matters. Supports Collegiate Recruitment and Panhellenic.

Historian/Historical Chair: Documents, creates and maintain a historical digital archive perspective of the Association. And, when needs be, serves as the Historical Jeopardy Sister To add history and sister spice to reunions, events, programs, meetings, etc.!